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Ditch the Tire Kickers, Attract Your Ideal Audience and Increase Sales…Without Working One Extra Hour


Running time

Time is a speedy bastard.

He always manages to stay one step ahead of us.

And if you’re trying to write your own sales copy and run a business at the same time, he races by even faster.

But lack of time isn’t your only problem, is it?

Let me know if any of this sounds familiar:

  • You long for more sales
  • You’re desperate to attract quality leads and repel the tire kickers and time wasters.
  • You’re sick of slaving over emails that no ever one opens
  • You’ve tried researching how to create your own content, but the conflicting advice made you want to rip out your hair.
  • You’d rather pour your energy into creating products and services and building customer relationships than moonlighting as a copywriter.

Hi, my name is Taheerah and my writing services will free up your time so you can get back to what’s really important—running your business.

But before we discuss that, let’s talk about a concern that’s probably running through your head:

“How well can an outside writer understand my business and capture my voice?”

I get it. You know you need help, that’s why you’re here. But you’re not 100% sold on letting a stranger write for you, yes? Fair enough.

I understand your skepticism; a smart consumer should be a little doubtful before he or she makes a purchase. My clients’ had the same worries before they started working with me, too.


Ryan Wright Clear Pivot testimonial for Flesh and Brand“We had no idea what Taheerah’s work ethic was or whether our clients would like her writing style.”

Before we decided to work with Taheerah, all we had to go on was her portfolio and her word. We had to trust that her skills were at the level she said they were at. We needed someone who could write well and was a cut above the others; and we hoped that she fit the bill.

 Her copy is in an upper echelon of clarity and brand voice expression that we rarely see in the web development field.

Generally speaking, it’s not hard to find a copywriter; they’re everywhere. It is difficult to find experienced, disciplined copywriters who use a solid, structured process to produce high quality copy. Taheerah has taught us that good copywriting and content writing involves thoughtful research and carefully crafted questions, along with interaction with the client for whom you are writing the copy. We learned that you get what you pay for with her writing services.

Taheerah’s copy speaks to the audience in the client’s voice

The vocabulary, phrase choices, and style Taheerah selects for her copy reflect that of the client. She may take a little longer than the average writer to produce a piece of copy, but the level of satisfaction the client experiences with the messaging she creates on is well worth the time. She also makes us aware of the numerous components of her copywriting process.

She makes every word count in order to give our clients the kind of content their audience will consume.

One of the unintended benefits of working with Taheerah is that we learned more than we intended to about the importance of brand engagement and brand management in copywriting.  She stresses that a brand and its copy are inseparable.

I would recommend Taheerah’s writing services to any company with brand awareness that has been successful for a few years, but may not be expressing their brand in a holistic, clear, and attractive way on their website.  

The focus that creating good copy commands is lost on those unfamiliar with professional writing. Taheerah’s character is reflected in her writing, the telltale sign of someone who has become entirely connected with who they are. She is a consummate literary professional.

Ryan Wright, Client Services Manager, ClearPivot

What is this copywriting you speak of?

If you’re here it’s because you need someone to write for you. But if you’ve never worked with a professional writer before, some of the terms I’ve thrown around may have you scratching your head. So let me give you a quick lingo rundown:

Copywriting is writing for the purpose of advertising or marketing. It is the art of using words to persuade your audience to take action. Ethical copywriters do not make false claims about a product or service. They influence the reader by tapping into raw human emotion. Copy is the finished writing piece.  

Now that you have more insight into what I do, let me share with you the type of clients I work with.

I work with successful B2B business owners, consultants and marketing and advertising executives who make their living selling to others.

Why would marketing professionals trust me to write for their clients?

 Because my copy positions their clients as industry experts.

How do I manage that?

I’m a certified master of Jedi mind tricks. Just kidding (or am I?).

I’m afraid the real “secret” isn’t that mystifying. But it is powerful. I’ll sum it up in three words: “old-school” copywriting principles.

The”old school” way to snag new clients

Do you know why decades-old copywriting fundamentals continue to rake in new customers and sales?

Because copywriting is embedded in the human psyche. Effective copy literally gets inside your readers’ minds to reveal why they buy and why they don’t.

Copywriting can also help you to keep your existing buyers loyal.

Website design may attract your prospects’ eyes, and content marketing may help build trust, but it’s your copy that makes the sale.

I’ll put these tried-and-true fundamentals to work below to address three problems copy can solve:

  • You have a message, but you’re not sure your audience gets it. Copy should be clear, direct and free of jargon eliminates confusion.
  • Your clients’ are driving you bonkers! They filled out your surveys and told you what they want, but when you deliver the goods, they don’t want them. Copywriting addresses the psychology behind why your customers ask for one thing, but secretly desire something else.
  • You’ve put a ton of time, effort and money into creating your products and services. So why aren’t your sales reflecting this? I can’t definitively answer that. But I can tell you that good copy will titillate your audience and rock your bottom line using head-turning headlines, razor sharp bullets and a strong call to action (among other things).

Stop slaving over your sales copy

Click here to start putting your copy to work for you

Brianne Carlon Rush Kuno Creative Testimonial for Flesh and Brand“My agency’s accounts needed more content than my internal team was able to create. When I requested Taheerah’s help, I wasn’t sure if she could create quality content that met the standards we use to create our in-house content.”

I discovered that I was able to count on a writer to deliver quality blog posts for a reasonable fee on a variety of topics. Taheerah quickly became a trusted member of my team.

I enjoy that Taheerah can write intelligently on a number of topics and is always is willing to take on challenges. I also love that she is willing to make changes when needed to better learn new client topics. But most of all, Taheerah’s blogs have consistently performed well in both traffic and getting readers to convert on calls-to-action.

Taheerah responds quickly, which is every content editor’s hope. She also brings great ideas of her own to the table. Finally, Taheerah is genuine and pleasant to work with.

I have already recommended Taheerah for additional accounts at Kuno Creative, so of course, I would recommend her services. She is quick, reliable and amicable.

Brianne Carlon Rush, Content Director, Kuno Creative

It all comes down to your priorities

I write copy that attracts customers, feeds their desires, and urges them to buy.

But your words must do more than just sell. They should give your brand a pulse, show your audience that you “get” them and trigger an “aha moment” (or two).

I’ve given you a lot to digest, but I bet you still have one more question peculating: How much will this cost?

Remember I mentioned that this type of copy takes time to write? Well as you know, time is money, and my services aren’t cheap. 

But you don’t really want cheap, do you?  You want more loyal customers. You want more sales. You want more time to devote to what you love.

And you can’t put a price tag on that.

Increase your sales without sacrificing your time

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